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Alex's Group 6.28 Session

The Cragmaw Lair!!

Congrats on reaching the end of part I everybody and of course for reaching Level 2. Yay! I will update this post with some additional information so be sure to check back.

A Brief Recap:

While Rylan and Donella guarded the wagon and oxen, the rest of the party continued onto the Goblin Lair. A clever illusion of a swarm of wasps led to a goblin sentry being discovered in the hidden blind across the river. By taking cover in the mouth of the cave, Roselyn was able to scout ahead while Garcon and Roland took care of the lone sentry.

in the small blind the party found Jeremy of Redbrook, a bombastic and arrogant fighter, who claimed he was ambushed while walking the Tri-Boar Trail. A (according to him) well known hero in his county, he agreed to help the party kill the remaining goblins.

By following the river up stream the party was able to avoid an encounter with two snarling wolves (who Roselyn almost ran into) and avoid the attentions of a lazy goblin patrolling a bride which connected two tunnels in the cave. While attempting to explore a side tunnel, Roselyn was caught in a land slide, leaving Garcon at the top of the tunnel, blind, and with a rope tied around him.

Roland, at the sound of the commotion, made an attempt to lasso the goblin sentry and failed miserably getting entangled in his own rope. Jeremy’s loud talking along with all of the commotion altered the sentry and the goblin ran off. The party narrowly managed to climb the collapsed tunnel (and dig out the wizardress) before a massive flood swept through the tunnel they had previously been in.

Finding the cooking cave, the party assaulted the two goblins they found there and almost finished them off before the 2nd in command of the hideout threatened to kill Sildar by throwing him off of a ledge. In the ensuing conversation the party learned that the Black Spider now had Gundren and “the map” and was hiding in Cragmaw castle. Nilldren the Goblin wanted the party to kill the bug bear Klarg and take his place as leader of the hideout. During the tense negotiations that followed, Jeremy attempted to reason with Nildren, these ended with no guarantees on both sides. Roland made a mad grab to pull Sildar from the ledge while Garcon shot Nilldren with an arrow. Still only semi-conscious and badly hurt from the land-slide, Roselyn managed to get off a sleep spell which knocked out Nilldren and Sildar both.

Killing Nildren, the party rested and healed up before using the information gained from the goblin to get to Klag’s Cave. Sildar promised the party that he would pay them 50 GP to get him safely to Phandalin. The party agreed.

Using the sound of a waterfall to mask his sound. Garcon was able to stealthily kill two more goblins on the way to Klarg’s cave. Upon seeing the massive bugbear leader the party wasted no time and ran in “guns-a-blazing”. A well placed sleep spell knocked out the lone goblin and Ripper, Klarg’s red wolf. Garcon followed with a critical arrow hit which blinded Klarg, almost killing him outright. Not to be outdone, Jeremy and Roland swept in, quickly dispatching the rest and finishing Klarg off, tossing his body onto his own fire pit.

With their hated foe defeated, the party looted the monster’s treasure horde and secured some packages meant for a company in Phandalin.


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