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Alex's Group 7.26 Session

Dungeon Skulduggery !!!

Great session last night everyone with some smart, solid plays. I’m still tallying up the total xp (you got a LOT) so i will update later this week.

The recap:

After Roselyn and Garcon returned from dropping of the wizard known as Glasstaff (head of the Redbrand bandits) to Sildar they enjoyed a night of merriment and revelry with their companions Rylan and Donella who recently returned from truffle gathering north of town. Nursing their hangovers, the party made their way to the Townmaster’s Hall where Sildar had set up shop. After paying for the various services the party had provided, Sildar sought to explain the seeming unrelated events that had recently involved the adventures. There were two main plots:

1) Gundren Rockseeker (who originally hired the party) seeks to reopen a mine which has been lost for centuries called Wave Echo Cave. Inside is the Forge of Spells which can be used to forge magical weapons. A mysterious figure called the “Black Spider” has kidnapped Gundren and the map which leads to the mine is missing. The party now needs to find Cragmaw Castle which they have learned is the headquarters of the Spider. It is presumed that the Black Spider is a drow or “dark elf”.

2) As a member of the Lord’s Alliance Sildar has been trying to find fellow member and friend Irodar who went missing several weeks ago. His search was interrupted by Gundren’s request for help. A band of thieves called the Redbrands have also been terrorizing the town for no apparent reason. It turns out Irodar is the head of the Redbrands and has been leading them as the Wizard known as Glasstaff. Sildar is keeping Glasstaff locked up until he gathers enough evidence to try him at the lord’s alliance. He asked the party to search the rest of the Redbrand’s hideout to search for evidence. the party agreed.

Sildar also presented the wizard’s staff to Roselyn as a personal gift.

On their way out, Donella attempted to find out about a bounty posted by the Townhall Master about a group of orcs who are attacking travelers to the east of the Tri-Boar Trail. There is a 100gp reward for dealing with the orc band. A pair of ears must be brought back for each orc slain.

While Roselyn attuned herself to her new staff, Garcon rested at the inn and Donella and Rylan wandered about town looking for provisions and information. After selling a longbow to the local wood carver they visited the miner’s exchange.

The head clerk, and manager of the exchange, Hildar claimed that she was looking to hire a group of adventurers to kill Glasstaff and, provide as many details as to the workings of the Redbrand gang to her and her mysterious patrons as possible. She offered 100gp as a reward. Rylan agreed.

Wasting no time delving into the Redbrand Lair once again, the party encounter a strange, hellish cyclops-ish creature. it seems Glasstaff had paid the creature in meat and coin to guard the cave. By wielding the staff and some well placed gold coins, they struck a bargain with the creature. In the slaughter that followed blood was spilled on both sides but the party emerged triumphant. After some quick exploration, which led to some treasure, the party ended by rescuing a mother and her 2 children who were going to be sold into slavery. While unable to pay the party she told a tale in which a valuable emerald necklace was hidden in her family abandoned shop when a horde of undead raided her village.


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