Brazen Fox

Skitzocat's Party Recap

Session 1

Donella – Gnome Fighter
Rylan – High Elf Ranger
Garcon – Halfling Rouge
Roland – (seemingly) human Paladin
Roselyn – Half Elf Wizard

The party first met with the dwarf Gundren in a tavern located in the metropolitan city of Neverwinter. Despite initial apprehensions, the party decided to accept the dwarf’s offer based off of their previous relationships (some of which might have been of a less savory or legal nature). The mission: to escort a cart of supplies from Neverwinter to Philandrin, a small border settlement a few days away. The reward: 10 gold pieces each upon completion. While Gundren went on ahead with his human bodyguard Sildar, the party was to follow at a slower pace with the cart.

A few days on the Triboar Trail led to an uneventful journey, and Roselyn made a thorough search of the cart’s contents. The party was puzzled by the inclusion of a massive amount of provisions and seeming innocuity of the overall shipment. Nothing in the cart pointed towards what Gundren had referred to as “a big find”.

Rylan provided crucial scouting duties ahead of the rest of the party while Roland drove the cart and oxen. Scouting around a bend in the road, the high elf discovered two dead horses riddled with black feathered arrows. He returned to the party to tell of his find, and Roland, in a moment of perfect recollection, recalled that goblins were the most likely culprit. After some discussion over how to move the two dead horses, the party (sans Roland) advanced to clear the path. Donella and Garcon went to move the horses while Rylan and Roselyn stood guard in the wood. Donella instantly recognized the smaller of the two horses as belonging to Gundren and Garcon found an empty saddlebag and map case. Before this information could be properly assimilated, four goblins burst from the forest to ambush the party.

In the subsequent melee blood was shed on both sides. While Rylan nimbly avoided the press of two goblins, Roselyn unsuccessfully dueled an archer despite blasting him with frost and missile. Donella and Garcon proved unstoppable, as the two half-folk dispatched half of the opposing force. Donella was able to keep the goblins at bay with her whip while Garcon dealt incredible amounts of damage from behind with his blade. Some solid tactics (and an incredible leap across the dead horses by Garcon) feared an opposing archer into fleeing. Meanwhile Roland, having heard the cry of battle, managed to arrive in time to (after a rocky start) assist Roselyn in killing the last goblin.

After some hurried discussion the party gave chase after their feeling foe along a small foot path. The party ran hard with Rylan at their head, dodging a clever snare trap, but falling prey to a pit dug in the road. Finally Roselyn, fed up with the bumbling attempts to catch the creature, cast a simple sleep spell allowing its capture. Some interrogation (made easy by Roselyn’s linguistic skill) led the party to the following information:

  • Sildar is being held captive in the “eating cave” of the Crawmaw lair just up the footpath. This lair is run by Klug who is a “bugbear”
  • The dwarf was probably taken to Crawmaw Castle which is run by King Glar, and is to the northwest of the ambush site.

Leading the goblin like the animal it was, the party advanced down the footpath again, making sure to tie and camouflage the cart the cart. Upon reaching a clearing, Razortooth broke free and alerted two archers on the far bank of a small stream. In the ensuing fight, Garcon snuck into the bushes and ambushed the goblins, while Roselyn was brought close to death. The party returned to their wagon to rest.


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