Ro-Kan Ogalakanu

Goliath Tempest Cleric of Thor


Ro-Kan Ogalakanu

Stormcaller of the Lost Tribe on the Mountain, the Flash-Lightning of Thor, the Goblin-Slayer, Crusher of King Klarg the Bugbear, Bane of the Undead, Destroyer of the Redbrand, Savior of Phandalin, the Unseen, the Oathkeeper, the Butcher of Venomfang the Green, the Chosen, the Skipper of the Cosmic Stone, Valhalla’s Visitor, the Twice-Restored


Ro-Kan is the last of his tribe, the Ogalakanu. They were once a prosperous tribe, living off the land in some of the harshest environments in the Realms. Ro-Kan’s people worshiped the raw power of the elements themselves. The wind could that could blow down a mighty oak. The water that could carve through the Mountain itself. The Lightning and Thunder that could destroy most anything the Storm saw fit to destroy.

Ro-Kan and many of the younger tribesmen would offer their services as guides and guardians for merchants who sought to move through the dangerous Mountains that they called home. It was one of the few chances to meet Outsiders that were available to curious young Goliaths. The roads through the Mountains were oft fraught with peril. Bandits, raiders, and wild beasts could ravage a caravan that wasn’t adequately prepared, and so this is how Ro-Kan met Gundren Rockseeker. Whenever Gundren needed to transport goods through the Mountains, he would request Ro-Kan by name. The worshiper of Thor was quick to agree, as he loved being able to channel his God’s fury through his mighty Maul or Longbow, or just his Fists, in order to punish those who sought to do harm to the innocent.

But life on the peaks of the Mountains is precarious at best. And one day after completing his prayers, a terrible storm visited its destructive wrath upon his Mountain home. His people were met by Goblin hordes, Orc raiders, Human bandits. Hobgoblins and Owlbears. Nearly everyone was slain. The Chaos of the storm had destroyed them.

Ro-Kan vowed then and there that he would harness the destructive nature of the storm and control it, by the blessing of Thor. He would wield this mighty power to crush his enemies, and elevate his name to live forever among the mightiest heroes of all time, so that the name of his clan would never be forgotten.

After travelling a bit aimlessly for a while, spending a few months alone in the wild, a few weeks in this town or that city, he eventually received a letter from one Gundren Rockseeker requesting his help.

Help needed.
Come to Phandalin.
Meet with my cousin.
Gold and Glory await.
Bring your hammer.
-Gundren Rockseeker

And so Ro-Kan headed South, to meet with Gundren’s cousin… for Gold and for Glory…

Ro-Kan Ogalakanu

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