Ten Tealeaf


Bard 2
Lightfoot Halfling
Nuetral Good

Ability Score (Savings Throw)
STR 10 (0), DEX 17 (5), CON 14 (2), INT 13 (1), WIS 13 (1), CHA 17 (5)

Prof: +2
AC: 16 (Studded Leather)
HP: 17 (D8)
Speed: 25

Trained Skills:
Sleight of Hand

Rapier 5 ATK 1D8+3 Damage (piercing, finesse)
Dagger 5 ATK 1d4+3 Damage (Piercing, Finesse, Thrown)


Ten the bard, is a good natured Halfling. He often performs in pubs and inns for free lodging. He is a card shark, and after a couple of days in the same place many people will choose not to play with him after he performs. If or when this starts to occur, he will disguise himself and play as a noble who seems to be loose with his money. When he does this he will lose some money to the people he fleeced in previous games, especially if he feels like their needs are greater than his own. The money he makes over his daily needs tends to be spent on the people around him.

He is quick to be friendly, but guarded in trusting. If another bard is present, he will hide behind his noble disguise in order to learn songs and techniques before the bard is aware of him. As such, other bards and minstrels have mixed feelings about him. Even if he is very benevolent in other aspects of his life.

He has a disarming wit that has got him out of more scraps then he can count.

Ten Tealeaf

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