Turin Gull

Young, reluctant warlock, eyes green as the ocean that spat him out


Sailor Feature:
• You can arrange free passage on a ship for your party
Class Features:
• Warlock Archetype: Old One, Tharizdun, the chained god
• The spells dissonant whispers and Tasha’s hideous laughter are added to the warlock spell list for you
• You can telepathically communicate with any creature that knows any language withint 30 feet
• Improved Darkvision: You can see through 120 feet of darkness, even magical darkness
• False Life Expert: You don’t use a spell slot when casting false life on yourself


Young Turin began as a reluctant member of his family’s merchant fleet An adequate sailor, he excelled as a cook and keeper of the ship, fascinated by the sea’s mystery more than its spoils but happy to raise a pint and share a story, making him popular among the crews he joined.

After his second year at sea, his eldest brother Garion convinced him to join a voyage carrying a wizened scholar to the farthest, darkest seas where the ship was becalmed, inert for weeks.

As the rations ran out Turin was able to hunt sea birds and improvise meals, but his efforts were all for naught as the crew disappeared one by one – one night or another, at dusk, sometimes slipping into the thick sea in a trance, sometimes fighting one another hideously until neither could stab or claw anymore, their bodies dripping off into the ink black sunset. Turin was surprised at how their actions made perfect sense to him given the situation, even as his brother, a strong swimmer and seasoned seaman, simply lay down in the sea , sinking without a word. Turin’s growing panic turned to something cold and resigned to walk on land again.

On the 33rd night of calm when only they two remained, Turin confronted the Scholar – he had watched closely and had come to see a kind of perfectly still madness in the man’s demeanor. It was no surprise when, as only he and the scholar remained on the doomed ship, the hollow-eyed noble explained that there was power to be had in these empty seas. It took sacrifice, and the family had offered many but the Scholar had long ago selected only one: wistful, wry Turin was to be an offering never meant to return from this voyage. His sad loss would grow his family’s prosperity and power for generations.

The Scholar smiled hotly, eyes glistering with a kind of inverted pride. “The void is nothing if not… magnanimous, no?” He did not wait for Turin to answer before … to this day Turin cannot recall anything but his teeth and cadaverous grin, but the Scholar was no more.

Turin’s rage felt like sea spray in a hurricane, joining the emptiness and becoming a rich, cackle of laughter at his pitiful role in an uncaring multiverse. His glee was a deep sea geyser, scalding and deadly and ancient.

The Scholar left Turin to confront the void. That void changed him: an unspoken pact sealed, prophetic dreams compel him to seek cryptic fortunes while clutching the last of his sanity. He can go months convinced it was all a shipwrecked fever, embellishing his sailor’s stories in some quiet port town, then a dream will wake him with an impossible image, a hot black taste that burns until he can match it with a place, an item, a creature, a vista that cools his too-green eyes for a few moments of rest. But never peace. Not while his family prospers at the cost he paid and his dark mastery of his nature grows.

Turin Gull

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